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About Us

Upon visiting the DATATAX office, you will note a professional yet friendly environment. Your tax and business concerns become our concerns. As your wealth and prosperity grow, we grow along with you.

With decades of tax experience, the staff of DATATAX works diligently to ensure your growth. Leading the DATATAX team is Samuel Krasnopolsky, Enrolled Agent. Samuel has Degrees in Economics and Accounting. Following intense study and testing, he received his authorization by the IRS to operate as an Enrolled Agent in 1995. Samuel has appeared before the IRS many times to protect the interest of DATATAX clients.

The DATATAX staff provides additional support with expert tax service. Each team member has been licensed as a ‘Registered Tax Preparer’. Every member of the staff that oversees the bookkeeping responsibilities for the business clients of DATATAX has a Degree in Accounting and many years of experience.

Everyone works hard to keep the business running smoothly and strives to ensure that all clients get the attention they deserve. In the end, we at DATATAX have one goal: To help guide you or your business through a tax system of ever-growing complexity, and help bring you success as you strive toward wealth and prosperity.